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We all know that the younger audience’s entertainment options are more divided than ever before, with video games representing an increasingly large audience share; but the move of video games toward an entertainment option that can be simply watched, as opposed to played, changes things. The opportunities for an enterprising filmmaker are apparent: who’s going to make the first video game that no one can play? (I.e. a video game that has been played, and recorded, in advance.) Who’s going to figure out how to combine video games and cinema in such a fashion that watching the video game is not only an option, but is in fact is preferable to playing it?

Zachary Wigon

What happens when video games become something you just watch?

(via tribecafilm)

Wouldn’t that just make it a movie? Going backwards and calling it a revolution doesn’t make sense. The future of film/games will be a movie you can watch and control. Make decisions which would change the flow of the movie. A movie that the audience can seem to control. Similar to the books which let’s the reader make a decision about what happens next and decisions can lead to alternate endings. That is revolution!

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